Firm Philosophy

What do you need from your lawyer? That depends on which is more important to you: punishing your opponent, or achieving your goals.

If punishment is your objective, find a lawyer who reminds you of a pit bull or a shark. When on the offensive, the pit bull and shark lash out blindly, with no thought of cost or consequence. Maybe you'll reach your goals, maybe not. The only guarantee is that it will cost everyone a whole lot of time and money.

We prefer to look to the avian kingdom for our inspiration. At Avatar Legal, we practice law with the qualities of a bird of prey in mind – Grace, Agility and Precision.

  • Grace means professionalism- returning client calls in a timely manner, keeping clients informed about their case, respecting the court, treating the other side civilly in furtherance of our client's goals.
  • Agility means flexibility- responding quickly to changing circumstances and taking advantage of new opportunities.
  • Precision means efficiency- going straight to the heart of the problem and fixing it without getting bogged down in irrelevant (and expensive) side issues.

What does this mean to our clients? Simply put, our philosophy maximizes your results while minimizing your costs.

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