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Our firm consists of two attorneys, Jason Jones and Cynthia Jones (husband and wife).  When you call, it will be one of us answering the phone.

The California legal system is complex and large.  Therefore, we believe in focusing on a few select areas of law, so that we can thoroughly understand your issues and have experience with the myriad of possible solutions.

Cynthia has been a panel attorney for Apellate Defenders Inc. since 2008 and for First District Appellate Panel since 2014, through which she acts as the court appointed attorney for indigent appeals.  She has also recently received an appointed in the California Supreme Court on a non-capital case.  Jason Jones has been a panel attorney for Appellate Defenders Inc. since 2014.

Before dedicating their practice to appellate law, Cynthia represented small and midsize business owners in transactions, litigation and trademarks while Jason handled insolvency law including bankruptcies, business dissolutions and consumer protection.

Avatar Legal, PC is located in the Portland metro area of Oregon. We are admitted to practice in all State Courts of California, the Federal Southern District of California, Federal Central District of California, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  We are also admitted to practice before the State Courts of Oregon, though currently we are voluntarily designated "inactive" to allow us to focus on our California case load.



Avatar Legal represents petitioners and respondents in appeals of California state court judgments.
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